7 Easy, effective tips for a natural skincare routine for men

Skincare is often the most overlooked part of personal grooming for men.

“Yes!, men need skincare too!”

While more men are becoming interested in skincare and its importance in self-grooming, some still believe skincare is only for women. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so you need to care for it, the way you do for the rest of your body!

A good skincare routine is integral to your personal grooming, as well-nourished skin helps you look and feel better. Healthy skin and a glowing complexion enhance your overall personality.

 Honestly, who does not love looking at smooth, healthy and glowing skin in the mirror every morning?

However, the stereotypes around men and skincare are slowly, but steadily being broken. Skincare is no longer considered a woman’s beauty routine.

“Skincare for men is not a luxury, but absolutely necessary”

Most men avoid skincare because they believe it’s a time-consuming and tedious process. But it does not have to be so.  Here is an easy to follow, simple skincare routine for men to take better care of their skin.

  • Say NO to harmful chemicals in your products

If you are one of those who uses any random soap that you find in the shower, you may want to rethink your habit.

The primary step in a good skincare routine is to read the labels on your skincare products. The harmful chemicals in your products like sulphates and parabens are believed to cause a range of skin problems like premature ageing of your skin to possibly even cancer.

  • So, find better alternatives in Herbal, natural and organic products for skin care, which will heal and nourish your skin.
  • Don’t just wash, but cleanse your skin

A synthetic/ chemical soap strips the natural moisture of your skin, making it dry and flaky. So, use Natural and organic soaps that clean deeply by removing the dust and excess oils from your face and body while also nourishing your skin. When you opt for organic alternatives such as these, you can use the same soap for your face and body, as well. They not only help in skin healing but also keep the sweaty odour at bay, you smell minty fresh all day!

“Don’t rub your face vigorously to dry it, pat it dry with a towel”.

The skin on your face is far more gentle than the rest of the body, you don’t want to be harsh on it.

  • Watch your shaving routine

Make it a habit to shave your face only after cleansing it, so that you don’t develop any breakouts, afterwards.

Most men know this, but we will still say it.

  • Shave along the direction of growth of your hair to avoid razor bumps.

Use pre-shave beard oil to smoothen your facial hair and the skin under your beard, so that you can avoid razor bumps and shaving irritation on your face.

  • Rinse with cold water after you shave so that the pores of your skin close.

It does not matter if you’re fully bearded or clean-shaven, You need to care about your facial hair, to avoid ingrown hair and razor burns.

Follow up your shaving with toners like Vetiver water or an Aloe vera gel, it promotes closing of the pores, soothes the after-shave irritation and razor bumps as well.

  • A Moisturiser is a man’s best friend, No really!

 Before you wonder, Yes, it’s necessary for someone with oily skin as well.

Even a hot shower, a shaving session can strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture. For smooth, young and fresh skin, you will have to apply moisturisers every day.

Dry and dehydrated skin leads to premature ageing, wrinkles and even acne in some cases.

  • If you are someone who does not like the greasy effect of a moisturiser, find a non-greasy, light moisturiser for the face.

You should also use Beard oils regularly to keep the beard and the skin underneath nourished, healthy and soft, especially after your shaving routine.

  • Want Radiant Skin? Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

If you are wondering why your skin has lost its healthy glow and even complexion, it’s probably because of this.

Sunscreen is not just a fancy product that protects your skin complexion from tanning. The UVA AND UVB rays of the sun are harmful to your skin, so using an SPF 30 and above will protect your skin from premature ageing, fine lines and early onset of wrinkles on the face.

There are many organic sunscreens that are so light, that you hardly feel them on your skin. So, don’t worry, no greasiness, no grime on your face.

  • Use a coin size amount of sunscreen for your face
  • Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step out.
  • Reapply every few hours
  • Smelly feet, Worry no more!

 Have you ever been embarrassed about the bad smell from your feet, especially when you remove your footwear in public? Or when visiting friends?

This is a common problem with most men who wear tight- fitting socks, sandals, shoes all day.  For some, even by staying indoors, the sweat in their feet cause skin irritation and a bad smell. The dirt, dead skin and bacteria in the sweat that causes the bad smell.

Did television advertisements convince you that cracks on the heel are a women only problem?

For good foot care for men,

  • Use a Foot scrub with Epsom salt and essential oils that helps in exfoliating the dead skin from your feet
  • Massage the foot scrub and wash away the impurities, dead skins and bacteria from your feet


  • Enrich that smile

Often the most underlooked and ignored part of a man’s face are his lips. The skin on your lips is far more delicate than the rest of your face. Your lips do not have the sebaceous glands, unlike the rest of your skin. These glands help retain moisture in the skin, this explains why your lips dry faster and appear chapped, often.

So it requires unique care and attention.

Luscious, soft and supple lips are naturally alluring and enhance your smile. It may sound like a lot of work, but trust us, with these simple tricks you will be smiling with fresh and luscious lips.

  • Scrub them lips, too!

Like the rest of your skin, your lips also have dead skin which will impart a chapped appearance. By exfoliating your lips regularly, you not only remove the dead cells, you also enhance the blood circulation on your lips. This will result in healthy, hydrated and soft lips, naturally.

Exfoliate once or twice every week!

  • Don’t go light on that lip balm

Be generous with that lip balm, you probably need it more than you think you do. A lip balm is not just for women, it’s equally important for men as it heals, hydrates and moisturises your lips.

No by licking your dry lips away, you are not saving money on that lip balm. In fact, you are making your lips further dry with your saliva. So liberally use a moisturising Lip balm and see your smile light up the room!

There’s no harm or shame in taking a few minutes every day for your self-care.  Only when you take care of yourself, can you take care of the others around you.

A little goes a long way, in skincare.

We hope these tips help you build your own natural and organic skincare routine and that you will soon be smiling at healthy, glowing skin!

Thank us later, but first share this article with the men you care about!

Also, if you have some more natural tips for a skincare routine for men comment and let us know!

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