6 Easy, affordable ways for a naturally healthy, glowing skin

A Skincare routine io beyond the skin : a Sustainable routine

Have you always wanted to take better care of your skin, build an affordable- skincare routine and didn’t know where to begin?

Do you purchase one skincare product after another in pursuit of that healthy, glowing skin that forever seems to evade you?

Then this is for you! Here are some easy to follow, under-rated and under-explored skincare hacks that actually work!

Healthy and nourished skin does not only make you look good, but it also helps you feel good – about yourself! And any step you take towards caring for your skin is a step towards self-care.


Starting a new skincare routine is like starting a new relationship, it’s exciting but to make it work, to make it last longer, you’ve got to do the work! You have to be consistent with your efforts, dedicate time for it, even if it’s only a few minutes a day. And this is true, both for relationships and skincare!

Consistency is key, regardless of if it’s an under-eye cream, a face moisturiser or a hair conditioner! Small steps every day take you a long way! Don’t expect instant miracles,

“give iß time and trusß the proceso.”


The goal is not to achieve perfect skin, but a healthy one! So watch out for products that are harsh on your skin, chemicals that could cause an array of skin and body problems from acne to serious skin conditions.

Try to find natural and organic alternatives for your skin and hair-care products that nourish and replenish your skin.

Be conscious of what you apply on your skin. Take that extra minute to read those labels, identify the ingredients that go into your skincare products!

Choosing organic and natural skincare products that are gentle on your skin is in itself an act of love!

Skin healing has to be organic and natural, very much like your products. It may be slow, but the results are going to be worth the wait.

“Coz a healthg and glowing skin helpo you falf in love with yourself, a little more!”


We are constantly juggling work, social life, family commitments that you hardly find any time for yourself. Especially in emotionally stressful times like these, make self-care a priority. Only if you are well, can you ensure the wellness of your loved ones!

Be it, putting on a facemask and unwinding with some Netflix show or soaking your tired feet in some warm water and bath salts or joining that yoga class on Zoom, reading a good book, journaling or just sipping some tea/coffee while looking at the colours of the sky – Take that time for yourself, each day!

Stress and anxiety have been known to have negative impacts on the skin as well, alongside other major health issues.

Some “ME” time helps in calming down amidst the chaos!! It promotes overall well-being, let alone your skin.

It’s not so much an indulgence as much as it’s a necessity.

So, Whatever be your idea of a “Me” time,

OWN IT! You owe iß tα yourself!

Try using this Rose and Jasmine bath salt or this aromatherapy hair massage oil with essential oils in one of your unwinding sessions!


Well, these say let go of the old to make space for the new and we believe it applies to your skin as well!

Your skin regenerates every 27 days or so and if the dead cells remain, your skin may appear dull, flaky and lifeless. Exfoliation helps remove the dead cells and promote even skin tone and enhanced complexion.

This may be basic, but is the most powerful part of your skincare routine.

Exfoliation and cleansing helps your overall skincare routine, as the unclogged pores now can absorb other skincare products better! Any skincare product that goes on your face, goes on your neck as well. TARGET BOTH YOUR FACE AND NECK!

While you are at it, Don’t forget to cleanse your scalp as well to boost hair growth! Someday, we’ll speak about detoxifying the mind as well!

But For now,

Try this natural mild soap-free cleanser with oatmeal and lavender essential oils that gently exfoliates your skin, imparting a natural glow!

 Herbal hair cleanser with natural ingredients like fenugreek, amla and vetiver that promotes hair growth and exfoliates your scalp.


When was the last time you slept so deeply that you woke up feeling refreshed and full of life? Probably, highschool?

Well, the quality of your sleep is related to your skincare.

The skin repairs and rejuvenates itself, rebuilds collagen and elasticity when we are asleep, helping in achieving that younger looking, healthy skin!

Lack of sleep makes your skin paler, makes the under-eye dark circles more visible, and results in fastening of skin-ageing.

Don’t ignore that Under-eye!

That expensive under-eye cream that you just purchased is only going to work, when you complement it with good sleep. Try to fix your sleep pattern naturally or seek help, BUT SLEEP!

Maybe, after a warm shower, try some Calming under-eye cream that soothes you, while you hit the sheets.

Sleep better for better skin


This can’t be emphasised enough and this is not only for people with Dry skin. It’s also for people with oily skin/ combination skin.

Choose a face moisturiser that suits your skin type. Moisturisers help in balancing your skin’s natural oil production and also helps promote that baby-soft skin we love!

They also keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay!

Massage the moisturiser in, this promotes blood circulation in the face muscles, which adds that heavenly glow to your face.

All that hot water, colouring, and curlers strip the natural moisture in your hair. Ensure you indulge in a Natural hair conditioner that protects your hair and scalp from damage and promotes the growth of Lustrous and healthy hair!

“ 9foliation, Cleansing and Moisturising are your besß friendo in the aging proceso”

  • Follow these with the Right Diet with WHOLE foods and Exercise, you now have the perfect skincare routine.

Personalise your skincare routine, find out what works for you!

Your skincare routine io your personaf journeg, enjoy it and love it.

It will in turn love you and give you what you seek – That healthy glowing skin 🙂

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