3 Skincare Industry Myths

You were enthusiastically looking forward to which Beauty Myth we’ll bust today, weren’t you? Come on, that shy smirk escaping your lips gives us the cue. In continuation with our Beauty Series on Common Beauty Myths that you need to discard in a jiffy here are 2 popular Myths that may have been the reason behind your mounting credit card bills.

Perplexed with the sea of beauty wisdom available online? Left wondering what to do when you parlour lady releases her volley of skin related advice every time you pay her a visit?

The beauty world is certainly as intriguing as bewildering it can be for even skin veterans. For a newbie who has just dipped their toes in these waters? Absolutely confounding and overwhelming at the same time.

That said, quality should always supersede quantity. How does this relate to beauty knowledge? It’s simple – Most of the skin or hair related “knowledge” that we have may not be scientifically backed, accurate or even logical in the first place. But I have been “raised” with those advices, how can they be misleading? We get it – It IS earth-shattering.

Worry not! Here we bust some of the popularly peddled beauty myths that a lot of us may have been believing. Let’s get started!

  1. 1. Pricier the product, better the performance

What a classic! So many of us blow up our bank balances, get lambasted for going all out with and end up almost selling our kidneys for (okay, the last one may be an exaggeration) for we have been accustomed to the idea – More expensive the product, higher the performance.

While we agree that certain ingredients are not indigenously found in a particular locale, say –French lavender, African Shea or Cocoa butters or Japanese Matcha Green Tea, importing which certainly shoots up the price of the product.

As long as those ingredients add value to the product, the steep price may be palatable. However, expensive imported ingredients do not always click with Indian skin. Rationale? What grows in one’s local environs suits our skin better. The ingredients have been grown, harvested and reaped in the same soil, temperature and climate in which we live.

Result? We gel well, effortlessly.

More often than not, expensive products don’t add as much value as they claim to. Their less costly counterparts prepared using natively grown ingredients contribute as much, if not more to one’s skin care game. Choose wisely. Great skin need not come with lighter pockets.

Do we make sense?

2. Exotic imported ingredients deliver superior results

Okay, this may not be entirely incorrect however, it boils down to a simple question of cost versus benefits. Imported ingredients may work wonders but there is a reason they grow in certain regions. From the soil to the climate to the amount of rainfall (or the lack of it) the ambience of a region supports the growth of those ingredients.

Importing them not only adds a higher cost to the product that’ll be prepared using them (eventually to be passed on to the consumer) but also necessitates the replication of the environs in which the goodness of that ingredient remains intact.

Too much work?

We agree, especially when there are is a wide variety of natively grown & harvested skin and hair loving ingredients that not only weigh less on our pockets but also suit us more given their indigenous tag. Performance? Well formulated products always work. Remember that.

3. Spending a bomb is the only way to the skin of your dreams

See we all desire spotlessly clear, radiantly glowing and plump skin. Not only is it indicative of a healthy lifestyle but also pumps up one’s confidence levels by leaps and bounds. Even if it isn’t a lofty dream to harbor, it certainly is challenging to work one’s way up to the skin of one’s dreams.

A deep sea of skin care products both organic and chemically-loaded promise splendid results. It gets confusing. We understand you, truly. We’ve been there, trust us. But what is simply illogical, irrational and out of question is the idea that stunning skin is guaranteed by only expensive products.

Sure, skin care demands monetary investment and “expensive” is a subjective term but we hope you do understand that splurging hard-earned money on the latest serum or sheet mask that your favorite Instagrammar or beauty influencer is singing praises of, isn’t’ wise either.

Skin (and hair care by extension) do not follow the “One size fits all” approach. Simple, handmade & homemade products not only perform on a wide variety of parameters such as – controlling pimples, acne, pigmentation, lightening sun tan, hyperpigmentation etc. but don’t come with nasty chemicals that wreak havoc in the long run.

Simply put, they outperform their chemical counterparts easily and don’t require one to break into a bank (unless you land at ones that require you to mortgage your house!)

On that note, we wind up today’s series on 2 Beauty Myths that probably had been clouding your mind for long. Thank us, maybe?

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