3 Beauty Myths

The beauty world is as enticing as confusing it can be. We have all come across umpteen advices on what to do, what not to, why certain ingredients work for so and so skin, why one must apply products in a certain sequence, why certain products are suitable in only moderation and what not!

We get you – It IS unbelievably puzzling.

With a click of a button, nuggets of beauty wisdom are available in a heartbeat. Let’s give the devil aka Internet, its due. It HAS brought skin care expertise to our fingertips. But does more info = accurate info? Not at all!

In fact, a lot of us are waylaid into accepting scientifically & factually deceptive skin care advice. Why? Because it does “sound” right on the face of it. Here are 3 popular beauty myths that we’ll bust for you. Thank us later.

  1. 1. Oily skin and oil-based serums are a big NO-NO

Ever since one encounters the first bout of pimples during teenage, we’ve been taught – Oily skin and oil-based serum are foes. Never shall they be in conciliation and you shall take that “fact” to your grave without questioning its rationale.

Absolute nonsense, we say.

Every skin type requires hydration. Oils aren’t enemies. The incorrect kinds of oils are. Chances are, there are certain oils that suit your skin. Use those moderately. Give your skin (and the poor oil) a chance and judge.

In fact, if you have oily skin, then plant-based oils (aka oil-based serums) may be exactly what your skin may be on a lookout for. We cleanse our skin using harsh sulphate-laden face washes ripping off its moisture balance. Plant-based oils infuse that lost moisture lovingly.

Supported with correct massage and one’s anti-ageing rituals are taken care of. Figure out which oil is your skin’s best friend instead of fearing oils. And if you can’t, let The Magic Potion do it for you!

  1. 2. More often you exfoliate, smoother your skin

Who can resist the urge to glide their fingers down satin-smooth baby-soft skin? It is a heavenly feeling awakening the hedonist in one…if only one doesn’t get overzealous and exfoliates way too often.

Surely timely (and limited, twice a week we say) exfoliation is a great way of sloughing away dead skin cells, thereby preventing skin from clogging eventually leading to soft, smooth and pimple-free skin.

However, all good things when done in moderation help. Excessive exfoliation can cause skin abrasions forcefully exposing new fresh skin to rise up. Unfortunately, this skin’s mature enough to tackle the host of skin-enemies hiding in cahoots to torment it.


Skin irritation, redness, rashes and what not. We are sure you don’t want them, do you?

  1. 3. Dry skin can be cured by gulping more water

This one’s a classic – Drink more water, Get clear glowing skin. While we agree that water is indispensable to prevent dehydration, regulate body temperature and flush out toxins yet excessive water consumption isn’t going to get you your dream skin.

Worse it may put your kidney through extreme pressure. Frequent trips to the loo could be another bugbear. In short – Except in cases of dehydration (which you should take VERY seriously) there is little to no scientific literature corroborating that “More the water drunk, clearer the skin.”

Now that you are aware of these 3 popular myths, we hope you’ll not fall prey to any unscientific old wives’ tales or urban legends in the skin care paradise easily. 

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